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writers capital

Writers Capital Foundation

Dedicated to inspiring humanity, Writers Capital Foundation is now spread across 35 countries across the world.


Inspire Charitable Foundation

A charitable society founded in India, INSPIRE is dedicated to bringing changes at the very root level in the society by means of education.

The litterateur

The Litterateur Foundation

Litterateur is a venture to support digitalization in the field of literature and to enhance its reach to the common man.

Writers Capital Foundation


Writers Capital is an international non-profit, non-political, and non-religious literary organisation for writers across the world. The principal aim and objective of the foundation is to bring writers across the world under a single umbrella to share each other their experiences, expertise and to further inspire their caliber. We aim to provide writers a great platform for their vivid expressions.

The organisation stands for writers across the globe and is dedicated to fostering qualities that would ensure the overall development of a writer to help them creating their own footprints in the field of mainstream literature. Being writers, we believe it is our prime responsibility to act for social causes and we aim to reinforce values for humanity that would benefit the whole world.

The primary objectives of the foundation are as follows:

  • To generate and foster scholarly interest in literature and to work for popularizing various forms of literature across the globe.
  • To promote and disseminate the scholarly activities of its members through its publications and various programmes
  • To bring up a community of writers who would inspire people for conserving nature and to spread the values for mother earth.
  • To inspire writers to stand for humanitarian values and to spread the message of global peace and harmony.
  • To actively seek the support and patronage of academic institutions and libraries and individuals interested in literature
  • To recognize the importance and achievements of a scholar, writer, or combination of both by presenting a Distinguished Achievement Award.
  • To mentor students and youth for bringing up skills for creative writing and to further improve the skills required in their fields.
  • To advance the course of peace, by providing a platform for all interested writers
  • To encourage free discussion among writers on peace issues and related matters
  • To promote the interaction of existing peace activists and organizations
  • To promote the principles of non-violence and to inspire writers for global peace and harmony.
  • To put peace onto the agendas of organizations and to institutionalize peace
  • To publish newsletters, journals and conduct periodic conferences to reinforce values for world peace
  • To provide opportunities for writers to broaden their horizon and international perspective
  • To exchange ideas and experiences with writers’ counterparts in other countries

We request you all to become the part of this movement by your noble contributions the same would inspire the whole world and further enlighten the path of humanity leading global peace and harmony.

Please find more details in www.writerscapital.org


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“Where there is righteousness in the heart, there is beauty in the character.
When there is beauty in the character, there is harmony in the home.
When there is harmony in the home, there is an order in the nation.
When there is order in the nation, there is peace in the world.”

Inspired by a vision for Mother Earth and for the universe that encompasses our lives, INSPIRE is an organisation that is envisioned for massive changes in the society with reference to nature and environment. This includes creating awareness among people to maintain justice while dealing with nature, protecting natural resources, maintaining a compassionate heart to serve the poor and downtrodden in the society etc.

We believe that change has to be brought at a personal level by inspiring one for changes in their very approach to the surrounding that would further bring changes in the society and in the world. As the famed quote indicates, prime importance must be given at individual level if we dream to bring a massive change in the world and INSPIRE stands for the same.

Though as an environmental and social organisation INSPIRE aim to initiate activities that would bring prosperity, peace and harmony in the world we would like to work on issues considering the relevance of it. The following are the aims and objectives for the first 5 years of the activities.

  • To promote patriotism and reinforce values of the nation among children as well as the public
  • To popularize the traditional system of knowledge such as Ayurveda and Yoga
  • To inspire people to save rainwater and recharge
  • To inspire people for planting trees in the available area
  • To inspire people to use renewable sources of energy
  • To inspire people to save water and electricity
  • To inspire people to take up cleanliness as their personal duty
  • To conduct awareness programmes on environmental issues and to protect nature
  • To conduct awareness programmes for children on rainwater harvesting
  • To support elderly citizen for quality life and to ensure their rights protected
  • To nurture children belonging to poor financial background
  • To ensure children’s right in the society
  • To empower girl children for their better future
  • To support farmers in various areas of their development
  • To behold the rich culture of our country and to spread the message of universal brotherhood

Gurukulam: The abode of knowledge


To establish a group of educational institutions that would help children to meet the demands of modern world

To integrate eastern and western systems of education to ensure holistic development of children

To conduct various programmes to ensure the physical, mental and social wellbeing

To Provide Quality Education and best infrastructure.

To help students achieve academic excellence and brilliance in all fields of life.

To develop the feeling of universal brotherhood among students and staff.

To develop a scientific approach in students for crystal clear thinking.

To develop technical skills in students.

To orient them to a sense of responsibility towards self, society and the nation.

To develop leadership and management qualities in students.

To inculcate in the students rich moral, social and professional ethics so that they could do justice to their role as 'Nation-Builders'

To make the students adhere to the discipline of the institute in its true letter and spirit.

Join in our mission

Join in our mission to spread the values of global peace and harmony!